SINGAPORE: SAF Joins Forces to Create ‘Cyber Army’

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – Gone are the days when warfare was contained on a physical battlefield. Netizens beware — cyberspace is the new frontier.

On July 1, Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen announced the creation of the Cyber Defense Operations Force Hub, a collaboration between web security specialists of the army, navy, and air force. While branches of the Singapore Armed Forces previously worked separately on cyber warfare, unification of their efforts is expected to provide a more efficient and comprehensive handling of security matters. Dr. Ng said the Hub is needed as threats are “increasing in frequency, potency and create great damage.”

Though it will be the first organization of its kind in Southeast Asia, such an emphasis on cyber security is not unusual. The United States, China, and South Korea have established similar forces to combat the possibility of a digital breach. Pioneering as the first state in its region to develop a “cyber army” reaffirms Singapore’s transformation from “Little Red Dot” to a force to be reckoned with.   

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