SINGAPORE: Evangelizing Comes at a High Cost

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – What could be more scandalous than a pop star, a church, and alleged embezzlement between the two? A “second coming” of “The Messiah” threatening to reveal all the dirty details of the so-called “hidden agenda.”

On Monday, September 2, pop star Ho Yeow Sunʼs official website was hacked by a mysterious online predator who calls himself “The Messiah.” His dissatisfaction with Ms. Ho stems from an ongoing trial in which City Harvest Church funds of up to $50 million have allegedly been hidden away in “sham bonds” for the use of advancing the singerʼs career. The hacker warns that he will leak her personal information to the public if she fails to “confess.” Church personnel were unaware of the siteʼs hijacking until Straits Times contacted them for a reaction. The site has since been taken down.

Susan Ong, one of City Harvestʼs trustees, claims that she knew that church funds were used to fund Ho Yeow Sunʼs career, but insists that this was intended as a legitimate means of evangelizing. And what is the price of spreading Godʼs word? The singer had plans to stay in a $2.2 million apartment in New York while recording her new album with her manager Justin Herz, whose services are another multi-million dollar expense.

Who knew evangelizing could be so luxurious?

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