AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Strike but was it a Big Deal?

VITTO BANEZ WRITES – A U.S. airfield was under attack! Late in the night of October 13, Taliban fighters launched several missiles in Bagram, an airfield north of the capital of Kabul.  It’s still uncertain on how much of an impact the attack made. Reports on its effectiveness varied.

A Taliban spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, took full responsibility for the attack and “claimed that its attackers destroyed an aircraft and other electronic stuff as well as damaging the base.”  But, a representative of the International Security Force in Afghanistan, Sergeant Peter Bedean said, “the attack was ineffective and there were no casualties or damage to property reported.”  The Taliban over exaggerated the event by claiming that there were several casualties, while the U.S. claimed that it did little to no damage with no ISAF casualties reported. With both trying to appear strong and invincible, the world is now left with an unclear view of what exactly happened that Sunday night.

The only thing the world knows is the Taliban attacked a U.S. airbase with a dozen missiles.  It is unclear how great a toll the attack took, but by the looks of it, the base continues to operate just fine.

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