MYANMAR: Hackers Gonna Hack

ALEXANDRE GUIRAUD-COINTREAU WRITES – In the past few weeks, a group of cyber hackers has made a name for itself across the world. The Myanmar Muslim Cyber Force (MMCF), has been multiplying its attacks, as its Facebook page boastfully confesses. The group refers to its actions as “targeting all racist people, Facebook groups, hacking groups, News Media Groups and etc…”

But one of MMCF’s last victims was a Singaporean website and forum called the Kallang Roar. It’s a football forum and website that supports Singaporean soccer players under the age of 23, a team which is playing Myanmar in its next match. This game will be the last chance for the Myanmarese to qualify for the final championship in Asia. This last point could seem like an interesting indication that the targets might be attacked for other reasons than racism.

The hackers remain anonymous and announce their cyber attacks through their website and their Facebook page, listing website after website, all the intrusions, and website repossessions they have managed to accomplish. On a given day, this cyber group may hack more than one hundred and fifty websites, ranging from different organizations and website pages, as well as forums, showing the extent of the damage that a group like this one can actually do.

Each hacked website is then changed to a presentation page, describing the reason why they were hacked, as well as a message, stating, “We are MMCF! We Never Lose! We Are Never Wrong!” The targeted websites are usually back to business within a few hours, but only after the damage is already done, as MMFC would have already gained access to related email accounts, as well as administrative rights to the websites and accounts.

Hidden behind the idea of fighting racism through hacks, this groups seems to have targeted other institutions that do not, or at least would not, be related to their excuse for hacking, such as engineering firms and political websites.

In a country that is experiencing great changes, and whose transition is being witnessed and watched carefully by the world, such groups are shadowing the great progress that the country is broadcasting with bad publicity in the newly-developing media arena.

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