THAILAND: Give this Director an Oscar

BRIAN CANAVE WRITES – Hey Hollywood, want to learn how to make an emotionally charged film? Check out this three-minute commercial from Thailand.

The ad has awed netizens seemingly overnight, showing up in countless reposts on Facebook and Twitter, and praised as more moving and poignant than most Hollywood films with far bigger budgets.

What is this commercial about? Who made it? And why is everyone talking about it? It began circulating around the net after popular blog Gawker granted it rave reviews. From then, Facebook users shared it and the Twitterverse tweeted about it. The commercial is a TV spot entitled, “Giving” developed by the Thai telecommunications conglomerate True Corporation. It tells the story of a man receiving a great deal after years of generously giving without expecting anything in return.

True Corporation operates telecommunication services, providing fixed-line, broadband, mobile, cable TV, internet cafes, and online gaming. It is currently #1 in Thailand on many of the provided services. Despite its obvious huge success,  its subdivision TrueMove too says that it “[believes] in the power of giving without expecting a return.” Being the #1 service provider in Thailand, I beg to differ. However, the TV spot is an amazing piece of work. All that’s left is for you to watch and be the judge on whether it is Oscar-worthy.

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