LAOS: Crusade Against Christians, but Only a Concern in the US?

E.J. DE LARA WRITES – This past September, several villages in Laos have gained media attention from Catholic and Christian outlets for isolating and evicting Laotian Christians. Laos, known for being predominantly Buddhist, has avoided religious conflict until recently.

Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom reported that several villages in Laos have warned Christian residents to leave their properties to avoid eviction. Similarly, in the Huay village, media sources claim that the local officials forced 53 people to leave their homes if they refused conversion. Many critics believe these actions reflect a general angst of local governments toward Christianity.

Interestingly, many  national and local newspapers do not cover any of these events. It begs the question of whether the national government cares about the injustice towards Christians. It also sheds light on the media’s centralization towards national issues rather than local problems. Predominately covered by United States Christian journals and websites, the injustice towards Christians seems to be more of a concern in the United States rather than Laos.

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