PHILIPPINES: Pageant Goes Swimmingly on Hindu Bali

Miss-World-Philippines-2013-winner-Megan-YoungTREVOR ISBELL WRITES – In the thick of all the chaos of governmental corruption and religious rebellion surrounding the Philippines lately, the nation still stands proudly, accepting recognition as the homeland of the new Miss World.

Twenty-three year old world beauty pageant contestant Megan Young gives this breath of life to the struggling Nation.  On Saturday, October 28, Miss Philippines was announced the 63rd “Miss World.”  The young woman was overjoyed, promising that she will “be the best Miss World ever.” A large number of Filipinos accompanied her to Indonesia for the competition, where they represented their national pride, jumping and waiving their country’s flag in honor of Megan Young’s success.

Of course the pageant was not without its  fair share of drama.  The host country of Indonesia experienced back lash due to the pageant’s lack of religious fortitude, with the Muslim residents claiming that the pageant unnecessarily sexualizes woman.  Despite efforts to qualm the tension by agreeing to disqualify bikinis from the swimsuit portion of the contest, Muslim opposition increased, and three weeks ago the Indonesian government announced that it would have to move the event from the capital, Jakarta, to the island of Bali.

After the wisely made move to the Hindu dominated resort island of Bali, the event went off without a hitch. With 127 contestants competing for the crown, Megan Young became the first Filipino to ever win.  While Megan may be an American-born woman, having moved to the Philippines at the age of ten, all are happy to see the country unify in national pride, as well as take comfort in the realization that they are not alone in struggling to ease religious tensions.

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Megan Young: US-Born Miss Philippines Crowned Miss World 2013

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