Japan continues to dazzle on the international art scene. The latest splash of intelligent innovation arrives courtesy of a stunning, splashy exhibition at the Japan Society on east 47th in Manhattan (japansociety.org).  The Japanese star this time is Mariko Mori, who a decade ago was showcasing (almost Asian Warhol-like) the Japanese landscape of airports, malls and business districts. Mariko_Mori_6

But in her new exhibition this brilliant artist offers a sensuous synthesis of physics, Buddhism and prehistoric cultures.  Although The New York Times  paid tribute to her talent with a major splash review, the review itself, by the influential Karen Rosenberg, could have been kinder. Our sense is that Mori’s march across the international art landscape will continue to dazzle in a way that only true innovators ever can or do.  The featured work is titled ‘Transcircle 1.1’ (2004) – Tom Plate


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