BANGLADESH: Tweets for Change

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – Internet technology and Twitter join forces to spread awareness of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

The Accord is an independent, legally-binging agreement signed by over 100 apparel corporations, several Bangladeshi Unions, two global trade unions, and nineteen countries from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Its aim is to implement health and safety measures to ensure a safe working environment for the Bangladeshi garment industry.

The Accord was created after the disastrous collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka where over one thousand garment factory workers died. Now, the creation of the Accord hopes to ensure that Bangladeshi workers operate in safer conditions.

On Monday October 7, the Accord launched its own website in English where inspection updates and signatories, such as H&M and Marks and Spencer, are listed. On October 21, Fashion United, a UK based fashion news source reported on the launch of the Accord website and the new Twitter account helping to spread awareness of the work and purpose of the Accord. Although initially launched in English, the website will also be available Bangla in late October.

The interim executive director of the Accord, Sean Ansett told Fashion United that “Via our Twitter-account, @bangaccord, individuals can play a part in extending knowledge and understanding of the vital need for action and the positive changes that the Accord and its members are bringing about in Bangladesh.”

Take part in the movement towards safer working conditions in Bangladesh and follow the Accord on twitter @BangAccord.

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