NORTH KOREA: First Lady Gone Wild?

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Rumors flew recently after several musicians in North Korea’s Unhasu Orchestra were executed for allegedly making porn.

Because those killed reportedly included President Kim Jong-Un’s former girlfriend Hyon Song-wol, North Korea watchers said it may ultimately have tied back to the beloved leader’s current wife, Ri Sol-ju.

North Korea is a secretive country, so it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Word is, the executions really did happen, but a member of South Korea’s intelligence community said they could find no proof Ri had a role in bringing them about.

Ri, a musician, was once in the Unhasu Orchestra. That’s lead to speculation she may also been involved in any alleged sexytime film making. Under such a scenario, the executions would have been one, very brutal way for husband Kim Jong-Un to keep word of this from getting out.

If that was the plan, it hasn’t been a total success. Rumors that Ri may have starred in a such a film continue to circulate, making their way to South Korea where some claim to have found a picture proving Ri was in an adult film. Some South Koreans have even sent copies of this picture to the North in balloons.

Whether they buy in to the rumors or not, it appears most South Koreans think sending the picture over the border is not the best idea, especially now, when South Korea and other members of the international community are trying to avoid war with the North. This criticism is especially evident on the Internet, where netizens speculate as to why people are sending the pictures. Some believe those sending the pictures want to start a war, perhaps a fear harbored by activists who defected from the North. The police have reportedly ordered one ballooner to stop because it could jeopardize national security.

For now, one picture is the only proof that Ri Sol-ju may have been featured in pornography. It’s possible that there is more proof out there somewhere. But on the flip side, the picture may have been edited to make fiction appear as fact.

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