BANGLADESH: Medical Interns Attack Journalists

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES –  Interns at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) apparently left their posts recently just long enough to beat up approximately 10 journalists, leaving one critically injured. What would Hippocrates say?

On April 22, The Daily Star reported that police had been escorting journalists into the hospital the previous Sunday when interns grabbed the law enforcers’ weapons and turned on the reporters. Those assaulted were from Jamuna TV, Independent TV, and Maasranga TV. They were attempting to cover reports of patient negligence following an incident involving a patient’s relative slapping of an intern.

In addition to injuring the reporters and preventing their coverage, the interns damaged much of their equipment, including laptops and cameras. Of course, those injured were admitted to different hospitals, such as the Islami Bank Limited Hospital and Apollo Hospital in Dhaka.

Local Bangladeshi journalists have demanded that the interns be arrested. Since the incident, journalists have sued 157 interns of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. The interns, on the other hand, have taken an indefinite leave of absence from work. Something tells us that their presence won’t be missed. 


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