K-POP KORNER: Crack the Code with EXO’s Pathcode Teasers

KELCEY LORENZO WRITES – After almost a year away and the departure of two members, boy group sensation EXO is officially back on the K-Pop scene. The now ten-membered group began releasing teasers for their new album “Exodus” on March 18th through the YouTube page of their entertainment company, SM Entertainment.

Rather than just releasing member teasers at random like many other multi-membered bands usually do, however, EXO and their company decided to take a different approach.

Through the twitter @PathcodeEXO, they released a new hint of the next featured member prior to the release of that day’s teaser. These hints allow fans to actively participate in the promotion of the group, keeping EXO on their minds constantly as they try to decipher the clues before the teaser is revealed.

These hints are much more complicated than one might think. The very first hint was, “The number of marbles that passed the maze,” referencing EXO’s first 2015 comeback teaser that was released three months ago.

The teasers also include symbolism of their debut “super power” concept and references to the two members who have left the group in 2014, Kris and Luhan.

This new “quiz” format of teaser releasing has given the group much more positive press and reception, contrasting the chronic negative comments regarding member departures the group has been going through over the past year. Fans have been commenting online stating things like, “My head’s about to explode trying to decipher the teaser,” and “Hope this album does well.”

EXO is set to make their 2015 comeback with “Exodus” on March 30.

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