K-POP KORNER: “Reality” Goes Virtual with Infinite’s 360VR Teaser

KELCEY LORENZO WRITES – There doesn’t seem to be a lot of options when it comes to making a music video teaser. Single-takes have been done. Multi-parts are a thing of the past. So what can K-Pop groups do to rope in a wider audience for their tracks?

Seven-member boy band, Infinite, recently adopted a fresh and interactive technique to promote their new album, “Reality.”  Playing off of the title of their 5th mini album, Infinite took viewers into virtual “Reality” with their 360VR (Virtual Reality) teaser for the music video of their new song, “Bad.”

The video seems nothing out of the ordinary at first glance.  It shows the members dancing and lip syncing to a short preview of their song like any other music video teaser would.

But, if you’re watching the video using the YouTube app on an Android or iOS mobile device, a physical turn to the left or right allows you to get a different perspective of the idol group.

The teaser places viewers right in the middle of the music video set, allowing them to navigate the viewing perspective of the teaser.

Tilt up and the ceiling is shown. Tilt down and the concrete floor comes into view. Turn around in a circle and you can see different members of Infinite.

Viewers can also control the video manually on a computer using Google Chrome.

The twenty-nine second long teaser rapidly gained over 1 million views within the first day of it being posted to YouTube, and is currently Infinite’s most viewed teaser of all time.

One viewer commented on the teaser saying, “Who else is just spinning around with their phone in their face, like an idiot, in their house? Cause I’ve been spinning for the past 30 minutes watching this over and over and now I’m having incredibly painful headaches xDDDD.”

Another netizen commented on an article about Infinite’s comeback saying, “I was waiting for KPOP to finally have the 360 degree MV/teaser and INFINITE got it first! YAAAAAAS.”

While the view count on the 360VR teaser continues to climb, Infinite released both the full version of their music video for “Bad” and their album, “Reality,” on July 13 (12:00 AM KST).



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