During the week of 5 October, Asia Media International’s sponsoring university inaugurated its 16th president with a series of gala events. Joining in the warm welcome of new president Dr. Timothy Law Snyder was United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who delivered a gracious video message of congratulations.

Ban’s message of engagement parallels the new LMU president’s own stated goal of inspiring the LMU community toward even more imaginative approaches to community and international involvement. The former South Korean foreign minister and career diplomat is known for the eloquence of his belief in the need for more “global citizenship” in this age of mounting global problems, including the climate crisis.

UN Secretary General Ban and Asia Media International founder Tom Plate closely collaborated on the well-received book ‘Conversations with Ban Ki-Moon’ in the ‘Giants of Asia’ series. His strong views are spelled out in the UNSG’s own passionate words in that book, published IN 2012 by Marshall Cavendish (Singapore, New York, London). A graduate to prestigious Seoul National University and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Ban’s encouragement of young people to pure a selfless career in public serice has been a thematic mainstay of his 7 years as head of the sprawling UN system.

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