LMU: Congrats, Dr. Wang, ASPA Director and Stanford Fellow

ASIA MEDIA WRITES – Stanford University has just invited Loyola Marymount University’s Director of Asian and Pacific Studies, Dr. Robin Wang, to a fellowship with Stanford’s Center for Behavioral Studies. Professor Wang has been selected among many candidates, and the fellowship recognizes her significant contributions to the disciplines of Philosophy and Asian Pacific Studies.

Dr. Robin Wang, also a professor of philosophy at LMU, is considered to be one of the most distinguished authorities of Chinese philosophical study. She is the author of Yinyang: The Way of Heaven and Earth in Chinese Thought and Culture, a book that examines the “richness and multiplicity of the meanings and applications of yinyang,” one of the most important and prominent tenets of Chinese philosophy. Wang was also editor of Chinese Philosophy in an Era of Globalization, which examines Chinese philosophical tradition in the context of contemporary globalization.

Dr. Wang speaks at many universities and also works as a consultant for K-12 educators, law firms, museums, and was credited as Cultural Consultant in the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid, starring Jackie Chan.

We at LMU, and especially here at Asia Media, are very proud of our beloved professor’s delightful achievement. We congratulate Robin Wang and wish her all the best in the 2016-2017 school year. Professor, philosopher, director, author, editor, consultant, and now, a Stanford fellow! Kudos and good luck to you, Dr. Wang!



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