JAPAN and US: Everything’s Offensive

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES – “Politically correct.” Rarely do you come across a phrase that will elicit so many different reactions. There’s a thin line between offensive and funny, and lately it seems as if it always leans more towards the former than the later. But is this a phenomena exclusive to the US, or do other countries think nearly everything that could be remotely fun is more so in poor taste?

Take this recent tweet from Japan that has some people “outraged.”

The caption translates to:“Oh my… the ‘Titanic Slide.’ This is, well… hmm….”

The photo of the slide was uploaded by an artist on her social media page where it has been causing an uproar since June 12.

According to Rocket News 24, netizens of Japan had mixed reactions:

“There is no way this is okay lol.”
“Maybe it was an abandoned design for practicing emergency boat escaping?”
“Am I a bad person for wanting to reenact Rose and Jack on it?”
“If only the slide ended in a pool of water, haha! …sorry.”
“Well some designer out there has a dark sense of humor.”

The site asks if we should chock this up to a case of “cultural misunderstanding.” But what is there to misunderstand? It was a tragedy, and everyone is well aware of the story because of the blockbuster movie. Yes, thousands of people lost their lives and that is nothing to make light of. However, do you really think children understand the weight behind all of this? All they see is a fun party attraction. In addition, the last survivor passed away at the age of 97…in 2009. How soon is too soon?

Americans have also commented via social media, and it seems that for once, they don’t really see a problem with it:

I actually saw this in use at the US base in Yamaguchi during peace day. Looked fun. Considering that’s run by the American military I don’t think anyone really finds this offensive or culturally insensitive… – Daniel Wilkenson

With all the things to actually be offended by this is one of least. Of course we live in a time where everyone is offended by something! – Steve DeLand

Not to sound insensitive, but I believe there are not many people alive that should ACTUALLY be offended. – Eren Moveslike Yeager

No, a movie about the Titanic that made billions is ok, but a slide that kids can have fun with is definitely offensive. – Harry Delaney

Reports say the company, based in Shizuoka, has yet to comment on the criticism. Perhaps they should ask themselves if it’s even worthy of a comment.

So what do you think: offensive, or harmless children’s attraction?

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