BRADLEY CAVANAUGH WRITES — Day five of anti Trump demonstrations:

The Los Angeles Police Department broke up the march downtown last night (Nov. 12), making arrests and sending demonstrators into a rout. Filling up an entire city block, the march continued for hours, blocking traffic.

Eventually reaching the homeless encampments on skid row, the march turned west back towards City Hall.

At around 11 pm, the demonstrators came upon a line of police motorcycles blocking the north side of an intersection. The march stopped, and people began to funnel into the trap.

In front of the police line, no more than a dozen protesters laid down in the street to protest police shootings. That was when the police made their move.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw people begin to run. Before I could even turn my head, riot cops had descended on the intersection. A woman was tackled onto the asphalt in front of me.

Within seconds the crowd began to stampede, and before I knew it I was too running with my bicycle I dared not stop to get on.

The cops kept tackling and grabbing people. Yet, thanks to strength in numbers, luck, and the indescribable zen of a true and proper adrenaline rush, I was able to mount my bike and reach safety.

The political establishment sees protests as a release valve for the people’s anger. They think that people will tire themselves out and return home with glowing self righteousness.

Donald Trump does not become president until January, nor is he officially president elect. The American people deserve better leaders and better choices.

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