Marshall Cavendish Asia International has announced 14 July as the official publication date, in Asia, for ‘Yo-Yo Diplomacy: American Columnist Tom Plate Tracks the Ups-and-Downs of the China-U.S. Relationship.” Author Plate is Loyola Marymount University’s Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies and is founder and editor in chief of Asia Media International.

‘Yo-Yo Diplomacy’ is the publisher’s 3rd book in the series ‘Tom Plate on Asia’ and the 8th book overall by Prof Plate that have been exclusively published by Marshall Cavendish since 2007. These included the four-volume ‘Giants of Asia’ series that started in 2009 after Plate left UCLA, where he had taught in communication studies and policy studies for a span of 15 years. His media memoir ‘Confessions of an American Media Man’, published in 2007, was his first book with Marshall Cavendish, the well-regarded publishing house based in Singapore, New York and London.

The first volume in the ‘Giants of Asia’ series – ‘Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew’ – was an instant best-seller, particularly in Southeast Asia and the China mainland. Translated versions have been published in Russian, Chinese, Malay bahasa, Korean, Thai and other languages.

Plate’s latest book looks at the effort to bring common sense to the fraught issue of US-China relations via Plate’s newspaper column for the South China Morning Post, the famous English daily of Hong Kong,  Since mid-2015, Prof Plate has penned, often from his office in Los Angeles, fortnightly essays on this tense, high-level topic. These columns have been well received in Hong Kong, claims former Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo, in his formal Preface to Plate’s book, and have been sometimes reprinted around the world.




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