By AMI Staff – Marshall Cavendish Asia International, one of the leading quality book publishers in all of Southeast Asia, has now put out onto the SEA market the print edition of ‘Yo-Yo Diplomacy,’ the latest book by Professor Tom Plate of Loyola Marymount University. E-book editions will be available from the usual online outlets soon. In the fall, the print and download book versions will be available internationally on Amazon and is available there for pre-order now.

Prof Plate, founder of Asia Media International, is the Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies at Loyala Marymount University. He is the author of 11 nonfiction books, including one novel, and including the ‘Giants of Asia’ series, from which ‘Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew” was an award-winner and best-seller. He writes a regularly appearing column on Sino-U.S. relations for the South China Morning Post, one of Asia’s most respected daily newspapers. Plate is a clinical professor in LMU’s Department of Asian and Asian-American Studies.

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