AMANDA SUHARTONO WRITES – There has been an increased correlation between social media and marital problems, likely due to the growing influence of the internet in Asia. The internet has created new outlets for forming secret affairs. Engagement in social media has been the cause of 1,826 divorce cases reported in Bekasi-Indonesia religious court.

Top Indonesian magazines speculate that marriage complications emanating from social media usually start quite innocently, such as a connection with an old high school friend, that later leads to secret dates. After a few sessions of interaction, such dates often lead to an exchange of information concerning marriage issues, which quickly turn into more intimate connections. This intimacy is the catalyst to the current trend where most people in a marriage are trying to get the satisfaction of their desires outside their current relationship.

Due to its increasing popularity, social media has made it easier for people to access all material. Also, the number of divorce cases has increased radically, especially in Indonesia, due to the rising cases of relationship problems emanating from social media. As the number of people getting divorced in Indonesia consistently increases, we see the dark side of social media.





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