HRIPSIME MARTIROSYAN WRITES – Elie Saab is an instrumental designer who has enjoyed unprecedented success with his penchant for working with famed labels and designers. The designer has great influence, considering he has gained proficiency in the production of bridal couture, which is a combination of a variety of products. The designer started designing at age 9, and his collections are a consequence of his growth within the industry. Tracing his roots to Lebanon, he was not expected to grow in such an exponential manner through his design.

Elie Saab is a common phenomenon and this can be attributed to the clients he currently has and the famous pieces made. For instance, he was the designer of Stephanie, the Grand Duchess of Luxemborg’s bridal gown, and the likes of Beyoncé are some of the notable celebrities and renowned personalities to have donned his designs. The designer has appeared on Project Runway, which has had a great effect on his legacy and his retail stores throughout the United States.

Elie Saab has displayed a mastery of his works through the transformational designs that he is able to make for women, giving them new looks based on ingenuity and class. The designer was in charge of the haute couture collection used in Paris. One of his notable designs is based on women in the 1920’s, adding his own flair to the designs to suit current age specifications and requirements. Such is his following that he has been praised for making a variety of famous designs that have received significant attention and recognition.

His designs are known to draw attention to women as the gowns glide down the steps toward the masses in a splendid show of their design capabilities. In this jazz age, no one does it like this guy who has been able to grace events and occasions with his work, while stealing glances from various women with envy.

The glamour afforded to Elie Saab is conspicuous to say the least. Social media is abundant with fans giving loads of applause to the designs that he struts on during Fashion Week. For instance, he was admired for his designs that included dresses adorned with feathers, which has thrown him into the spotlight. His designs are characterized by their ability to carry the notion of an individual who is larger than life and working at the peak of his powers. Comments and likes are a common occurrence in social media, especially when he is putting his designs on display.

Statistics indicate that the social media personality has more than 2 million fans on Facebook alone. The internet and social media sites are significant contributors to his success. Comments and likes multiply with each new showcased design.

The elegant designer has been successful in his work and continues to influence designers worldwide thanks to his strong adoption of ingenuity. He has been greatly appreciated in many walks of life, together with other designers who view his participation as legendary. From the analysis, there is a growing acceptance of the designer’s artistry in coming up with new items. He is able to tamper with his designs as he keeps them mostly short, long, classy, and modern. This has led to the growth of a happy clientele. The core of his designs focus on the improvement of previous designs that inevitably increase his appeal to the international market after establishing his influence in the United States and in the fashion capital, Paris. Sensuality has its place in the modern realm and has become evident through this designer’s attention to detail in his art décor references.

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