ASIA MEDIA INTERNATIONAL WRITES — Fudan University Press just published, in simplified Chinese translation, the text of the 2nd Edition of ‘Confessions of an American Media Man’. The new volume is picture above (to the right of the English language original first published in 2007 – then reprinted twice, then given a second edition in 2010). The book made some bestseller lists in Asia.

Fudan University in Shanghai, often dubbed the ‘Princeton of China,’ in ranked 51st among world universities. Its famous School of Journalism at Fudan University is known as the Cradle for Chinese Journalists, and has close links to the Chinese media industry. ‘Confessions of an American Media Man’ offers a sprawling, personal view of leading U.S. media institutions, as experienced by Tom Plate, a career journalist now focusing on gigantic Asia. The founder of Asia Media joined the Loyola Marymount University faculty a few years ago.

Originally published and then re-published by Marshall Cavendish International (Asia), this first-person account of institutions such as TIME Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post was well reviewed. Forbes magazine called it “wonderful”; The Straits Times of Singapore proclaimed it “salty .. and addictive”; The Japan Times wrote it “serves up a cornucopia of select peeps at the glamorous side of journalism”; Global Viewpoints (Nathan Gardels): “An immensely pleasurable read … a gifted writer.”

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