ASIA MEDIA WRITES – Two recent graduates of Loyola Marymount University’s Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts have been designated as assistant managing editors of Asia Media International, and assume their new positions immediately, announced founder and editor in chief Tom Plate, LMU’s Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies and clinical professor in the faculty of the university’s acclaimed Asia and Asian American Studies Department

The new editors are Aashna Malpani and Yi Ning Wong. They will work closely with Executive Director Jay Seo, who also serves as executive assistant to the founder and editor in chief. Asia Media is happy to also announce that past Co-Managing Editor Savannah Nunez will return to her prior position as the site’s prestigious Design Director.

Both new editors plan to pursue professional graduate school and then careers after their ‘Gap Years’ at Asia Media – Ms Malpani in international journalism, Ms Wong in public policy and public service. Both are experienced Asia Media staffers, and are well known and highly regarded among the university’s growing international student body (Malpani hails from India, Wong from Hong Kong).

Ms Wong who is bilingual in Chinese, has also been assisting Professor Plate with research for his fortnightly column on China-US relations in the South China Morning Post, one of Asia’s leading English language newspapers. Ms Malpani, who is bilingual in Hindi, is the honored recipient of the Pacific Century Institute’s Asia Media Internship, awarded annually by the prestigious nonprofit to an LMU Asia Media student of great promise.

“Asia Media wishes to thank PCI’s continued support of Asia Media and its students from the bottom of our heart,” says Professor Plate. “The PCI-AMI alliance has been a tremendous complment to the university’s International Immersion efforts. We are lucky indeed to have PCI as a close and immensely supportive partner.”


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