ASIA MEDIA WRITES — Most women have shopped in Zara. It’s the number one retailer in the world. But Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States of America? While showing up in a ‘Zara’ to visit children held in detention in Texas?

Sure, Zara’s cute, trendy but affordable styles are all the rage across the globe, including many of Asia’s most fashionable hot spots: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, India. Not to mention all those other continents. The Zara chain was in fact born in Spain.

So what’s the high-class, high couture Melania Trump doing in a $39 jacket from Zara? Good question—especially considering the $51,000 Dolce & Gabbana floral jacket she tossed over her shoulders in Sicily last May! More important: Why, oh why, did FLOTUS choose to wear this olive-green number with the following inscription on back:

“I really don’t care, do you?”

Did she truly not care? Was her alleged charm offensive more of a proverbial middle finger to the Fake News media, as her husband said? Or was it, in the end, just plain thoughtlessness or carelessness?? Said Stephanie Grisham, Mrs. Trump’s communication director: “It’s just a jacket!”.

To be fair, Mrs. Trump’s outfit was otherwise flawless. This is a woman who learns from her mistakes … sort of. She did not wear her favored stilt-like stilettos, as she did when boarding a plane headed to Texas after the 2017 hurricane! Instead, this time she side-stepped that embarrassing misstep in comfy looking white tennis shoes. She also wore casual white slacks (that fit beautifully) and some kind of smart-looking but simple white button-down top. Even her long hair, still famously waved, looked slightly less done, although the make-up was, as usual, thick and flawless.

Sad!—as her husband might put it. Just when Melania Trump seemed to be stepping into her role on the world stage with her “Be Best” campaign for children— in her own quiet way—she flew to Texas and mis-stepped again, badly. Mrs. Trump, who is said to appreciate Michelle Obama—and whose staff famously plagiarized the former FLOTUS’ speech— would do well to copy her fashion sense too. That $39 jacket might well prove an unnecessary – and surely unintended – costly insult heard round the world.

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