Asia Media Press, the ambitious new spinoff from our Asia Media International website and Asia Media Center, announces the official publication of the ebook version of its initial title: a knowing and moving behind-the-scenes look at the care and un-caring of veteran soldiers in serious treatment at the largest Veterans Administration care facility in the world.  This is in Los Angeles, in the western part of the metropolis, only a short distance of drive to the Silicon Beach campus of Loyola Marymount University. The book has been published in intimate conjunction with Marshall Cavendish International, which has its home office in Singapore, where final ediiting and production was initiated.

Now available on and other ebook commercial sites on the Internet, the book is titled: MADNESS: In the Trenches of America’s Troubled Department of Veterans Affairs.” The work offers an up-close-and-personal look at what it’s like to be a senior professional social worker in the VA trying to improve the lives of former soldiers on the front-lines of America’s recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Korea and Vietnam.

The book’s author is Andrea Plate, a VA senior social worker, who retired after 15 years of intensive hands-on clinical work with vets with psychiatric, drug dependency and other serious issues. The author, recently named Senior Advisor to our AMI, has written two previous books, has degrees from UC Berkeley, USC and UCLA, and is a lecturer on ‘Women and the Military’ at LMU. Our university is especially committed to ways of improving social justice by prioritizing humanity and individual essential worth. Many of its undergraduate programs and courses emphasize internships and summer jobs that focus on such goals. LMU is an historically Jesuit university open to students of all faiths, nationalities and humanistic convictions.

Amazon and other top-name Internet venues will offer the quality paperback edition of this inaugural offer from Asia Media Press  by early next year. It is available right now directly from the publisher Marshall Cavendish (, a subsidiary company of Times Publishing Group, the printing and publishing subsidiary of Singapore-based conglomerate Fraser and Neave. 



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