Every August Asia Media International appoints new top editors for the impending academic year. Founded in 2011, AMI has been a major pit stop for some of LMU’s most outstanding, hard-working and ambitious students. Predominantly coming to Asia Media from Political Science and Asia and Asia-American Studies, these students tend to be true live wires – and determined achievers. This is certainly true of our newest appointed editors: Dhari Alduraibi and Senay Senay Emmanuel. Congratulations to both of them – and, of course, good luck!

Dhari Alduraibiborn in Saudi Arabia, is an LMU political science graduate. This Fall, he begins work as a teaching assistant in Professor Richard Foxs renowned Congressional Politics. As a student staffer, Dharis writing portfolio features articles for Asia Media, including a riveting interview with aLMU student colleague whos the grandson of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. In September Mr Alduraibi will assume the position of MANAGING EDITOR OF AMI.In January, this talented and charming Asia Media staffer will enter the diplomatic service of Saudi Arabia as a career diplomat.


Senay Emmanuelnative of Seattle, WA, is a senior at LMU studying Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations. He is the Chief Justiceof the ASLMU student body government,  a member of the debate team, and both a McNair and Rains Research Fellow at LMU. This seniors research focuses on the United Nations and its work on refugee issues, peacekeeping, and climate change. He is the son of Eritrean immigrants and a keen student of the complex, growing relationship between Asia and Africa. In September Mr Emmanuel will assume the position of ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR, with every reason to believe that this insightful and charming assistant MEwill become AMI managing editor in January, as Mr Alduraibi heads off on his diplomatic career.

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