KE SHEN WRITES – It has been a good while since the coronavirus broke out in the United States. Thankfully, I feel healthy. This is a unique time in that people around the world are actually united in facing one severe issue. It is not like climate change, with some people denying its existence. Now real human beings are facing day to day emergency dangers. Today, more than 120,000 people in America have been diagnosed with corona virus. Cities are under lockdown, shops are closed, hospitals are full, and streets are empty.

For me, an international college student, I am having the best time ever. I do not need to go to class but only need to take some online courses. My parents are safe in China where the virus has been taken care of (we believe). I do not need to have communication with others. The last person I have spoken to was the delivery guy from Postmates.

But there is some downside to this story. I will not say that I am a very brave man. I am constantly scared of death.  I take my body temperature at least five times a day. Because of that I have learned the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius. I wear a mask when I try to get my food delivered.  I wash my hands constantly. Other than those minor issues, I would say this epidemic does not affect me a lot.

It is an interesting time to witness. When the epidemic broke out in China earlier this year, every country in the world seemed to have a good time laughing at how an authoritarian regime was dealing with it. When the epidemic broke out in countries like Italy, Spain and the UK, everyone started to blame China for not doing the right things, like shutting down the cities or blocking transportation. Now, every country in the world is looking to the Chinese for essential medical supplies like masks, ventilators and protective [PPE] suits. Somehow, the evil dragon has become the wealthy warrior. The villain has become the protagonist hero.

Those are some random thoughts during this huge crisis. Yes, it is a difficult time but it is also a time full of opportunity. Whenever there is a rainbow, a storm comes first. So it may be the best to end this with some interesting jokes going around, just to lighten the mood.

So, a Chinese guy, an American guy, a British guy, a Japanese guy and a German guy want to have a meeting. 

The Chinese guy got there late and said, “Sorry, coronavirus is very serious, I have to buy some masks.”

“What are masks?” said the American guy

“What is serious?” said the British guy

“What is coronavirus?” said the Japanese guy

“What is buy?” said the German guy.

Just some classic Soviet jokes based on current events.

**A note from the editor: The previous version of this article featured a joke about British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and contracting Coronavirus. This article was published on March 31st, well before Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to the hospital due to Coronavirus. We wish him a speedy recovery and have since removed the joke.

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