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Archive | August, 2012

SINGAPORE: Would Western Values Really Have Worked?

Journalism takes on many different forms in the modern world. Western nations boastfully tout a free press system, while some countries have a media system controlled by the government. Other states lie somewhere in between the two, inclining toward a system of privately held media corporations that are still required to answer to the government.

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SOUTH KOREA: Someone Is Actually Honoring Print!

During the late Chosun period (postwar 19th century), newspapers and magazines were fundamental in providing the Korean peninsula with the necessary tools for education and modernization. The influential Seoul-based newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, reports now that six dailies and two magazines are set to be designated cultural properties, according to the Cultural Heritage Administration. Here is the […]

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SINGAPORE: Journalism Fellowships!

Asia Journalism Fellowship 2013 opens for applications: The fifth round of the Asia Journalism Fellowship will run from 25 February to 17 May 2013. The fully-sponsored program is accepting applications until 12 October 2012 from accomplished mid-career journalists. The annual program is an initiative of Temasek Foundation and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. It brings […]

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China Blotter: Netizens Against Corruption, Step One Complete

Remember back in March when the Chinese government tried to hush the scandals surrounding Communist Party Boss Bo Xilai? Well, thanks to the perseverance of free speech advocacy with Netizens at the frontlines, keeping mum was no longer an option on at least one of them. Something had to be done. In early April, Chinese […]

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Thaksin Shinawatra (pictured left with his sister, Yingluck, the current Thai prime minister) is undoubtedly the most controversial politician ever to become prime minister of Thailand, an oft-ignored country in Southeast Asia with a population and landmass greater than Britain or Italy.  (But who besides a Thai knows this?) Elected several times in national  elections […]

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BANGLADESH: Govt. Accuses Economist Magazine of ‘Poor Journalism’

The Bangladesh government is unhappy with The Economist, the famed international weekly published out of London. More specifically, Bangladesh’s government seems to believe that The Economist has not practiced accurate or impartial reporting on two recent feature articles on Bangladesh, titled “Banged about” and “Hello, Delhi”. On June 14th, 2012, The Economist published a letter […]

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MALAYSIA: Pageant Winner Too White for Asia?!!

Right, or white? Following the conclusion of the Miss Malaysia 2012 Pageant, a new question arose: What defines “Malaysian-ness?” In a way it was sort of funny. Asians (like everyone else) hate stereotyping. And yet some critics of the winner of the crown were upset because Kimberly Leggett didn’t look….er…Malaysian. Or Asian. Or…whatever. Ms. Leggett, […]

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BANGLADESH: Throwing the (Face)Book at the Prime Minister!

Posting unflattering Facebook messages about Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has landed another person in hot water. On July 12, The Daily Star: Lebanon reported that Bangladesh police jailed  Shariful Islam after he posted to his Facebook page an edited picture of the female prime minister’s face superimposed on a partially-naked woman’s body. Police say they […]

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HONG KONG: Who’s Trying to Knock Off the Feisty In-Media?

The offices of Independent media, or In-media news publication were attacked August 7. Witnesses say four Chinese men wearing surgical masks and gloves entered the activist news site’s small facility and used hammers to destroy three computers and one television before fleeing. An on-going police investigation has yet to turn up the identities of the attackers. […]

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