CHINA: Advice on How to Understand the Chinese In Bits and Bytes

A recently published article in China Daily by Natalie Thomas discusses the recent success of Charlie Custer in taking on the role of relaying information about current events in China. Custer, who is a writer, translator, Chinese teacher, videographer, and most importantly, blogger, has created the website which receives from 35-45,000 hits per month. Thomas states, “Now in the process of producing a documentary on child kidnapping, the man who shuns the title ‘China Expert’ explains why understanding China is not the impossible task it is sometimes made out to be,” which is quite the praise for the young blogger. Chinageeks takes on the difficult and enormous task of translating comments that circulate in the Chinese “blogosphere,” something that few other blogs have attempted. Custer seems avid about the strength of social media as a source of information in China. For those who want to further their understanding of China, Custer has the following recommendations: “Learn Chinese. Beyond that, just read. These days Twitter is a good source of information, if you follow all the right people you get a real feel for what’s going on.”

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