PAKISTAN: Well, It’s Worth a Try, Anyway!

A surprising article in The News, a top English-language newspaper in Pakistan, showed the country’s upscale newspaper enmeshed in a very good cause: anti-corruption.

The newspaper reported that the politically ambitious (and headline-seeking) Imran Khan would be publicly declaring his assets in an effort inspire other leading figures to follow suit. “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Sunday declared his assets before the media and challenged all other politicians of the country to do the same,” it was reported.

The fruits from corruption that tend to find their way into the pockets of politicians, adding immeasurably to allotted salaries, is well known to all Pakistanis, of course.  Party chairman Khan’s use of the media to try to sound a new ethical note is a new step. But not everyone was impressed: The first response from the leader of the opposition party, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, was one of extreme skepticism. Reportedly he pointed out that as of now no further Imran Khan assets have been declared.

Even so. the decision of The News to give the story such prominence seemed an effort to lead the country’s politicians to a better place for all – and thus should be congratulated.


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  1. The other politicians are staying away from giving much information of themselves while Imran Khan needs to so in order to improve his image from the non-politically active athlete. The idea of honesty Imran Khan’s action is encouraging should be an expectation of all presidential candidates, but sadly it is a luxury in the current state of Pakistan’s political affairs.

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