INDIA: Young People Tweet — #APositivePerspectiveOfIndia

As the stylized coding of a tweet might put it: #APositivePerspectiveOfIndia
That was the whole point of the recent online conference that the Times of India is calling “the world’s largest tweetathon.” And the successful event looks like further proof, if any were needed, of the revolutionary innovative power of both the youth and social media of the world.
26-year old entrepreneur Shiv Bhaskar Dravid is the man responsible for the 72-hour tweetathon that swept the online Indian community recently. Using the hashtag #iFeelup, users were able to discuss and shed a positive light on different topics about India every hour. Alongside general users, tweeters included a 200-person celebrity panel composed of miscellaneous influential figures in India, including social activists, politicians, renowned bloggers, artists, and singers. Panelists were chosen to fuel conversation as well as answer questions. Tweeters had the opportunity to address a myriad of topics, spanning from lighter subjects like books, movies, and sports, to heavier material like spirituality, healthcare, corruption, and political participation.
To wrap up this extensive effort of public opinion-expressing, the online youth newspaper, The Viewspaper (, which is run by Dravid, will document and present a complete overview of the conference. The summary of events will show that, despite the negativity that is generally expressed by the media, hope for affirmative change in India continues to revive optimism and positivity among the youth of the country.
And we’re happy to tweet to that!

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