CHINA: The Ridiculous Republican Hunt for “Red” Huntsman

As Republican presidential candidates continue to use China as a topic for gaining voter approval in the current Republican Primaries, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that the “bad mouthing” is being heard beyond our own shores.

The English-language Chinese newspaper “China Daily” recently published an article highlighting the election’s topic fixation. The article focused on Mitt Romney’s campaign and its emphasis that rival candidate Jon Huntsman’s experience as ambassador to China is a negative credential. China Daily addressed the Romney over-reach with objectivity: “Shen Dingli, director of the Center for American Studies at Shanghai-based Fudan University, said the presidential candidates have no other choice but to criticize China in the election, as the US is in a phase of relatively rapid decline. But such criticism is only made for the purposes of the election campaign, and the winner of the election would return to rational policies on China after assuming office.”

According to CNN, an amateur video posted on YouTube last week by self-described Ron Paul supporter “NHLiberty4Paul” questions Huntsman’s “American values”, shows Huntsman speaking in Mandarin and calls him the “Manchurian Candidate”.” American election politics continue, even while in the world’s spotlight…but what an embarrassment it can be.

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