SINGAPORE: Asian Man May Lose More Than Face on Facebook

The ways in which people deal with stress varies greatly. For some, a night out with friends is enough to lighten the load. However, for some, another way to handle it is to vent on the Internet. As reported by Elena Chong of The Straits Times, Singapore’s leading daily, a man, Gary Yue Mun Yew, has been accused by the government of “inciting violence by posting documents on Temasek Review’s (TR) Facebook fan page and on his own Facebook page.” 

The charges against Yue are comprised of two allegations. First, he reportedly posted a comment on TR’s page that linked to a video “depicting the assassination of former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat.” The post also contained the following: “We should re-enact a live version of this on our own grand-stand during our national’s parade!!!!!!” The second offense involves the posting of a “doctored [Vietnam War] photograph showing a Vietnamese soldier about to execute former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng” on his profile.  

While on trial Yue asserted that “he was merely venting his frustrations [about work] on the Internet.” The final decision regarding the case is set to be delivered on February 16. Yue could be sentenced with up to five years in prison and/or fines appropriate for the allegations if convicted. 

Are we the only people in the world who wish Singapore’s authorities would lighten up, at least a little?


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