CHINA: Bashing Won’t Solve Problems…but It May Get You Elected

China Daily recently published a seemingly heartfelt article titled “Blaming China won’t solve US problems.” It began the piece with the consoling fact that “blaming China will not solve problems in the United States or help presidential candidates win more votes”.

Is that right? We wonder if they have been following the Republican race: Considering Huntsman’s drop out and Gingrich’s victory in South Carolina, how can they say blaming China doesn’t work?

China Daily is certainly accurate in stating that protectionism isn’t a beneficial foreign affairs policy for the U.S., or even a realistic one due to the two nations being economically connected at the hip. But it just sounds so good for the candidates to go up to the podium and blame the country that is surpassing us for why we seem to be losing ground. Simple sells!

Xie Feng, director-general of the Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs of the Foregin Ministry, cheekily offered the US Republican nominees some advice: “We hope the US can bear in mind the general picture of bilateral relations and people’s long-term interests, [and] view bilateral relations in an objective and rational way, so as to remove interference from the election and maintain the steady progress of the Sino-US relationship.”
Did you catch that, Newt Gingrich?  Ah … probably not.


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