PHILIPPINES: How the Media Can Help the Police Get Their Man!

Forget about the old-fashioned police sketch artist! Student iGeeks come to the rescue.

The Bank of the Philippines Islands Department of Science and Technology awarded a student team in St. Louis University (SLU) in Baguio with Best Project of the Year for 2012 in a competition that recognizes the excellence of graduating students in several universities. The SLU team created iSketch, which enables face composite illustration for police to use so suspects can be more easily identified. Though this device is not entirely new to the Philippines, the improvements made through the latest technology allow for better access and availability. The iSketch is a device with the ability to add facial features and edit photos with over seven hundred stored facial images, far larger than current Philippine facial composite illustrators. Furthermore, it is a web-based program which allows police stations across the country with efficient Internet to have access to iSketch.  

So watch out, bad guys! The techie geek squad is bound to get you.

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