AUSTRALIA: Media Question Police Conduct at ‘Tent Embassy’

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council has asked the Human Rights Commission to perform an investigation into the possible criminal conduct of police officers during a protest last week at the “tent embassy,” the semi-permanent council representing Aboriginal political rights. This request comes in response to video footage showing police officers yelling, swearing, and using physical force against protesters after the Prime Minister and Opposition Leaders were removed from the area.

Michael Anderson, a tent embassy founder, also called for an investigation into the police actions saying that, “[One officer] can be seen in footage that has now emerged attacking at least two different protesters, none of whom were aggressive towards him. He also uses foul language, including using the c-word at a cameraman and telling media to f— off. That is not the actions of a professional police officer.”

George Brandis of the Land Council wrote to Australian Federal Police, demanding an investigation into the events leading up to and during the protests. According to Federal Police Commissioner Tony Negus, the matter has since been referred to the crimes operations special references portfolio for evaluation.

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