BANGLADESH: All Wild and Wireless from Dhaka

On Sunday, February 19th, the UNB Connect, the first fully computerized wire-service news source for Bangladesh, reported that third generation (3G) compatible mobile phones will be initially introduced in Bangladesh in April. The post and telecommunications minister, Razjuddin Ahmed Raju, told reporters that subscribers of Teletalk will be the first to have 3G phones available. The plan is to later extend 3G phone availability to subscribers of other mobile phone operators.

Along with the introduction of the 3G phone, Raju announced the telecommunication unity of two cities. Earlier, the telecommunications ministry brought the city of Munshiganj Sadar under the capital city of Dhaka’s Multi-exchange Telephone Dialing system. This techie unification was celebrated with a ceremonial phone call in which Raju called the Munshiganj district administrator without having to dial Munshiganj’s district code number.

Further, Raju also announced that Bangladesh will launch a satellite into space by 2013 and continued by promising that all the districts of Bangladesh will eventually be united under the Multi- exchange Telephone Dialing system while the current government is in power.

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