CHINA: They’re Taking a Bite out of Our Apple!

The iPad is one of the most recognizable pieces of consumer technology on the market today, changing the way people get information on a daily basis.  But was Apple really the first company to develop such a device?

Some Chinese say no. On February 17th, the Chinese Proview Technology Company stated that it would sue Apple for a violation of their trademark agreement regarding the popular iPad.  Proview’s lawyers say they are seeking to prevent Apple from shipping the iPad into and out of China, the source of manufacturing for the company’s products.  In a recent Beijing news conference, founder of the Proview Group Yang Long San said that, “If everything goes well, we might file a claim against Apple in the United States a month from now.”  Proview claims it began producing a device very similar to the iPad called the Personal Access Device in 2000 for sale in the US and Europe.  The only claimed difference is that the device looks like a small PC.  Xie Xianghui, as the lawyer representing Proview put it, adding: “According to international trademark law… they belong to the same category. So Apple was in breach of the contract.”

Apple has a different perspective, of course.

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