CHINA BLOG BLOTTER: Netizens Noodle Around Obama

Chinese Netizens are blocked from using Facebook. What else is new? But now there is another (albeit less popular) American social networking website that the Great Firewall does not block: Google+.
Ever since February 20, 2012, the Chinese government lifted its censorship of Google+. Ever since, Chinese Netizens have been avid users of this social networking site. 
Much like American use of Twitter, Chinese Netizens use Google+ to feel “close” to popular world leaders. The novelty of using Google+ has become what Chinese Netizens are calling “Occupy Obama’s Google+.” Thousands of comments in both Chinese and English have been flooding every topic on Obama’s Google+ page.
This uncensored platform gives Chinese Netizens the opportunity to express some of their political views freely and frankly on a widely visible platform. There are serious discussions of human rights, economics, and freedom. One Netizen’s comment on Obama’s Google+ wall says, “Mr. President, we long for America’s freedom.” Another Netizen asks, “Is this what freedom tastes like?”
On the other hand, the Netizens are also using this opportunity to show off the might of China’s online community, drowning out all conversations until the topic reaches the 500-comment limit before moving to the next. Chinese Netizens are having so much fun, many are just posting silly internet memes and cracking irrelevant jokes on Obama’s page.  One Netizen asks, “Mr. President, do you like to eat la mian [handmade noodles]? If you like it, come to my hometown, and I’ll treat you to eat until you’re full!”

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