INDIA: Israeli Author Overstaying Her Welcome?

What happens when your visa expires and you refuse to leave India?  Ask Susan Nathan, a British-born Israeli writer who recently faced this problem head-on. After the expiration of her paperwork, Nathan was issued a deportation notice for violating visa rules by extending her stay in India.  However, the author’s deportation notice is suspected to be related to the recent translation of her acclaimed book The Other Side of Israel by local publishers in Kozhikode.

The Other Side of Israel, which is considered highly controversial, is an account of the oppression and discrimination faced by the Arab population of Israel. Nathan, who has been living in India for a year and a half seeking medical treatment, submitted a petition to the Kerala high court in which she is contesting her deportation.  The writer is currently under ‘house arrest’ at Sree Nivas, Kozhikode, Kerala until the affair is sorted out. When asked about her situation, Nathan replied, “Perhaps the police wouldn’t have told you that it is not a criminal offense to overstay your visa.”

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