CHINA: People’s Blogs Push Authorities to Police Tourism Industry

The Chinese city of Sanya, in Hainan province, is catching heat from bloggers and critics alike due to the price-gouging occurring within its tourism market.  Sanya received more than 500,000 tourists for this year’s Spring Festival.  Tourists complained that they were overcharged “extremely irrationally” during the traditional Chinese holiday.  Beijing-based real estate agent Luo Di wrote in his blog that his friend was charged 4,000 yuan ($635) for a simple three-course meal!  Reports of these insane prices continue, particularly on the Internet via blogs. 
Such outrage has prompted authorities to launch a campaign to reform the tourism sector.  The reason for these crazy price hikes, states Hainan Deputy Governor Jiang Sixian, is that the gap between supply and demand is rapidly widening with the influx of mass numbers of tourists.  Sanya is not the only city in the province that faces such problems throughout the winter, as many people flock to Hainan to dodge the cold weather.  Local residents have also taken to the blogosphere to voice their concerns.  One user with the screen name “Tina” wrote that hospitals and supermarkets swarm with winter snowbirds: “It is like a nightmare, especially during the Spring Festival holiday, when prices on almost everything soar.”
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