NEW ZEALAND: Port Protest Goes Radio-Active

According to the New Zealand Herald, inflammatory comments encouraging striking port workers to violence by RadioLive host Willie Jackson have infuriated Port of Auckland bosses. Members of the dockworkers union are currently protesting long shifts and lack of job security, as well as the laying off of 292 workers last week.  Mr. Jackson described the Auckland bosses in exceptionally unflattering terms, stating that intimidation was needed to stop non-union workers from being called in to take over for those who are on strike.

RadioLive’s Jackson, not exactly a protest pacifist, stated on the air that, “If you really want something you’ve got to act… You don’t go stop and then the scabs come in and they take your jobs. Go and bust your picket or your placard on their cars. I support that action.”  Striking workers have been accused of attempting to break the picket line into the Port of Auckland, confronting truck drivers and non-union workers at the numerous entrances.

Subsequently, in a late evening address, Jackson attempted to “clarify” these remarks in a statement saying that he does not advocate violence of any kind. The damage, however, may already have been done.

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