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SINGAPORE: A Huge Over-Reaction to ‘Child Kidnappings’?

SINGAPORE: Sales for child-locator devices continues to increase after rumors of kidnappings sent through text messages and social media

Singapore’s newest child-fashion statement has sent personal tracking device sales through the roof. Personal GPS retailers have seen a substantial increase in sales after rumors of several kidnappings spread through text messages and social networking sites such as Facebook at the end of March.

Seven police reports were filed, but the police emphatically stated that no children were found to have actually been abducted and the public should be skeptical when hearing such rumors. Regardless, parents of young children would rather act proactively. One mother who recently purchased three child locators, Ms. Judy Aw, admits “I know the police have said that they’re just rumors, but still it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Various models of personal tracking devices are currently for sale on the Singapore market. Some take the form of clip-on teddy bears and others as watches. Toh Wen Li of Singapore’s Straits Times suggests purchasing child leashes as a “less sophisticated” method for cautious parents.

It’s worked well for dogs right?

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