SOUTH KOREA: Newspaper Retaliates After Being Denied Access to Press Meeting

The Korea Times, a major daily newspaper in South Korea, has been publishing less than favorable articles regarding Admiral Samuel Locklear, Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command. After being denied access to Locklear’s April 17th press meeting, the paper has released several “sensationalized” articles, such as “USFK Commander Too Media Shy for Own Good” on the 18th, “Bullying the Press” on the 22nd, and “Don’t Blame Gen. MacDonald” on the 23rd. The Korea Times has also accused the United States Forces Korea (USFK) of “forcing media to report under its guidelines, and when they don’t, denying them access.”

Such media buzz comes after The Korea Times published an April 13th front-page interview with U.S. Army Major General John A. MacDonald, titled “Korea, US closer on Missile Defense,” in which MacDonald predicted that the recent North Korean missile launch would occur around noon on April 14th. However, the rocket launch occurred the day the article was published, and MacDonald’s prediction was subsequently edited out per a USFK request on the second edition of the Korea Times. The USFK Public Affairs Office argued that the printed interview article should have been a human interest story and that the USFK PAO was ‘upset’ at Korea Times for refusing to make amends to its article. Apparently hell hath no fury like a newspaper scorned.

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