BANGLADESH: Journalists Prove Their Story True in Head to Head with Police

The journalists of Bangladesh have found themselves victims of police brutality once again. On Monday, May 27th 2012, The Daily Star reported that three on-duty photojournalists were assaulted by police men the previous day. According to the reports, the journalists were taking photographs of students at Dhaka Women Polytechnic Institute as they staged a demonstration, when they were verbally and physically attacked by a group of police. The three men had their cameras and cell phones confiscated and were taken to the police station where officials continued the attack. Upon their release, the journalists were taken to a hospital in the capital, where police claimed that their injuries were the result of fighting amongst one another. In typical journalistic fashion however, the men had made sure to collect evidence to the contrary.
The journalists had audio recordings of the verbal abuse along with pictures of the attack, leaving no room for doubt as to the true story. This incident has since prompted the suspension of nine police men. Naturally, the media community and many Bangladeshi citizens are upset with the abuse of the journalists, and the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has formed a “one-member committee” to continue investigating the incident. Thought it is a small one, the outcome is a step in the right direction for the proper treatment of the journalists of Bangladesh.For more information, please visit:
The Daily Star

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