In a recent article, Singapore’s Today Online reported that the tiny city-state is a giant in cyberspace, and touts the title of spending the most time online of all Southeast Asian states, with an average of 25 hours a week! And with 77% of their population on Facebook, Singapore & Emerging Markets (SEA) at Google  suggests that it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be able to translate online traffic into sales. The article cites a Nielson study predicting that by the middle of 2012, nine out of ten cell phones owned by Singaporeans will be Smart Phones. Businesses must be at the forefront of these markets by making their online websites easy to navigate on mobile devices or tablets.

In their typical zero-privacy fashion, Google’s Analytics tool has the capability to track “where the site traffic is coming from, the number of page views, how much time users spend on the site and which pages result in sales conversion. It can track which social media is generating traffic for a site as well as a user’s last click, and the online activity before it reached that point.” Social Media in Singapore, it appears, rests at the epicenter of the Cyber frontier.

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