THAILAND: OBEC Innovates Education with Tablet Computers

Secretary General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) made a recent statement that tablet computers for school children are ready and will be delivered to students in different provinces in alphabetical order starting June 7th.
Thailand is the most recent nation to follow the trend of innovation in education, with the first shipment of two thousand tablet computers to be delivered this coming Monday. The units will be given to 183 trainers to study before they train teachers on how to instruct with the new tablet computers. Secretary General of OBEC, Chinnapat Bhumirat, claims that all first graders across the country will have access to a tablet before the end of the fall semester. Prime Minister Shinawatra suggests that students in higher classes could act as teachers’ assistants in the initial phase of the tablet distribution.
Following this latest step in technological education, OBEC is soon to launch a competition for people to come up with the best teaching media that can be used with the tablet computers. Thailand, it seems, is quite committed to both educational and entrepreneurial spirit.
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