TAIWAN: Media Coverage Lacking in Bo Xilai Scandal

Reports of the Bo Xilai political scandal that is currently unfolding in China have been intentionally incomplete and superficial. Taiwanese media has focused solely on sex scandals and individual corruption, instead of addressing the serious political crisis that is afflicting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
At the heart of the scandal is the death of a British businessman who was murdered in a hotel room in the city of Chongqing last fall, which was quickly linked to CCP member Bo Xilai. As details of the murder have surfaced, so have reports of extreme political corruption including wiretaps, money laundering, and sex trafficking. China’s press, however, continues to insist that such corruption is an isolated incident, and the resulting downfall of their rising political star is not due to any political turmoil within the CCP. But not everyone is buying that story. The internet has made it impossible for China to conceal all of the scandalous details (although they are trying their best), and reports are surfacing of Bo’s alleged disloyalty to the CCP. Such whispers are leading many to question the role that the CCP itself played in the disgrace of their own party member, and just how deep the corruption runs.
Yet, the media of Taiwan has been slow to report on these crucial issues and in doing so might be misleading the Taiwanese on the true state of affairs in the Chinese government. According to Professor Zhang Jinhua from the National Taiwan University Graduate School of Journalism, Taiwan has become a propaganda tool for the CCP, and the Bo Xilai incident is only the latest example of how the Taiwanese media serves the CCP and not the people.
Professor Zhang recommends that the Taiwanese people read independent Chinese media sources that genuinely attempt to grapple with these tough issues.For more information, please visit:
The Epoch Times

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