NEPAL: Journalists Find Themselves Targets of Political Protest

A variety of ethnic and religious groups have joined forces against local media personnel in Nepal recently. According to both the Federation of Nepali Journalists and Reporters Without Borders, these groups expect their opinions to be taken into account during the upcoming drafting of the new Nepali Constitution, and believe that journalists are standing in the way of reaching that goal.
According to reports, more than fifty journalists have been attacked during the past two weeks by protestors attempting to pressure on the media to write pro-protest stories. Many journalists’ vehicles were set on fire during the protests, and still more refused to leave their home due to the violence. In one of the more serious incidents on Monday, May 21st, dozens of journalists were targeted and attacked, their property damaged or destroyed on what Global Network for Freedom of Expression (IFEX) deemed a “black day” for journalism. The Nepali protestors clearly understand that the media can act as an indispensable tool in achieving political aims, but it would appear that their method of persuasion is unconventional to say the least.

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