NORTH KOREA: Down On America, No Matter Who The President Is

Presidential elections in the United States get a lot of attention, both in the U.S. itself, and all over the world. This election has actually been somewhat eclipsed in South Korea, due to their own upcoming presidential elections.

North Korea has paid most of their media attention to South Korea’s election, but they did finally take note of the elections in America the day before they took place. Their state-run newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published an article criticizing both Obama and Romney for their stances on North Korea and their nuclear program. Of course, since Rodong Sinmun is run by the North Korean government there is plenty of bias to be found.

The article tries to paint the United States as an aggressive, power-hungry nation bent on overthrowing North Korea’s Communist government and replacing it with a pro-Western administration. The author immediately dismisses America’s alleged goals as ridiculous, claiming that the United States underestimates North Korea’s strength and could not hope to depose their current government. Throughout the article, the author makes his opinion very obvious: he deifies North Korea and Communism while criticizing America for imposing sanctions on North Korea.

It will be interesting to see how North Korea’s media reacts if any sanctions are changed during the next four years.

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